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Ahhh, 2021…

It was the year Twitter finally gave Trump the boot. The year Instagram Reels “swiped” into our lives and made us realize that we seriously need to tone down on social media. The year the Pentagon released reports of UFO sightings, not claiming that it was aliens, but also not claiming that it wasn’t aliens.

2021 was nothing short of wild, but we’ve said goodbye to the old, and we’re ready for 2022 to wow us with all things interesting and unexpected.

2022 will be all about innovation, creation, and creativity.

Two years into the pandemic, we are starting to embrace the reality that there is no such thing as ‘pre-pandemic’. The Great Resignation or Career Revitalization of 2021, as some like to call it, has seen millions of people leave their high-earning jobs in pursuit of their passion and purpose.

People are looking for exciting content that resonates with their newly found purpose in life.

Here are some more trends we’ll be looking out for in 2022


Thanks to the pandemic (again), how we perceive beauty has changed drastically. Identity and transparency are prioritized above a set of impossible beauty standards backed up by excessive filters and over-editing. Celebrities and influencers are ditching the polished personas and offering meaningful insight into their not-so-glamorous lives.

Norway (as always) is way ahead of the crowd, passing a law in 2021 that makes it illegal for advertisers and influencers to share edited content without a disclosure. According to the Ministry, unrealistic content in the media “exposes young people to an ideal of beauty that is impossible to achieve.” Go Norway!

Social Media Sells

Social commerce is taking the world by storm. Product discovery, click-to-purchase, and post-purchase support are all happening on social media. Small businesses and massive corporations alike take advantage of social commerce functions.

Instagram and Pinterest are following Facebook with Marketplaces of their own, and even TikTok is joining the show, having announced the launch of TikTok shopping in August of 2021.

2022 will be the year of virtual malls, don’t get left behind with the craze.

Social Media and Mental Health

It’s easy to lose track of time when you have your eyes glued to a screen. Digital burnout is real, and significant social media platforms have caught up.

In 2022 focus is shifting to adding features that limit screen time (on your request, of course). Instagram is currently testing a “take a Break” feature that will send a break reminder after a duration of your choice.

Facebook is here to stay.

2021 was a turbulent year for Facebook, to say the least, and from the ashes rose Meta with shiny, revolutionary promises.

Many critics argued that this is a same cake with the different icing and that the real issues such as security, cyberbullying, and fake news is still taking the back seat. For thousands, this was incentive enough to delete the app.

Despite the backlash however, Facebook is still the most popular social network by far, with around 2,895 million active monthly users. That is 1,500 million more than Instagram, which falls at number 4 on the list:

Whether we like it or not, Facebook is here to stay, and your content plan should take notice.

Short-form Vertical Video

TikTok first popularized short-form Vertical Video in 2021, and it is still booming in 2022. Instagram caught on and introduced reels (like we needed another excuse to increase our social media intake). We don’t see this trend going away soon, and we ain’t mad.

Video is a great way to connect with an audience on a deeper level while also establishing your brand and promoting your product. It is also effective in educating users, which by the way, is a trend on its own.


People are tired of seeing 15-year-olds making millions of TikTok by blowing glitter bubblegum bubbles. LinkedIn usage is snowballing and is dominating its niche, with two new members joining every second.

LinkedIn goes beyond a professional networking platform with added features such as LinkedIn Learning. Companies and individuals have been showcasing their professional growth, values, and leadership models and the trend is picking up.

In 2022 more users will position themselves and their brands on LinkedIn. The window of opportunity is small, though, as the average LinkedIn user Spends only 7 minutes on the platform per session.

Social Media Currency

Yup, you read that right. When you think you’ve seen it all, companies like Bun Burgers lets customers pay for their food with “TikTok” currency. Instead of forking up the cash, you can pay for your meal by posting a TikTok video of yourself enjoying the meal.

We don’t know where this trend is going or whether it will pick up. But it certainly has our attention.


So there you have it; these are just some of the things we expect to pick up in 2022. But as always, expect the unexpected. There is no doubt that we’ve barely scratched the surface. It is the year of innovation, creation, and creativity after all.

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