GABS - Top 10 Beer Can Designs

GABS is an Australian-based company that hosts an annual beer festival. Known for celebrating craft beer, GABS launched a competition to seek the most unique beer can designs across Australia.

This video we created for their social media page showcased the Top 10 designs of 2020, counting down to reveal the winner right at the end. The aim? To create a hype around the competition and encourage people to enter next year’s competition.

  • GABS
  • Food & Entertainment
  • 2D Animation
  • Social Media
Sometimes you need to awaken a sense of competition in your viewers to encourage future engagements.

– 2D Animation done by Danieka Kruger / Senior Animator

By showcasing the Top 10 designs of 2020 in a unique, fun and flashy way, we spiked the entries for the following year’s competition. Our objective was simple, but there were various ways to execute it. We chose to bring the designs to life on the actual beer can, making the video more impactful and eyecatching.

Designs submitted by competition entrants